What's the value of one idea? It depends on your response.


After 20+ years in business development, problem-solving, and marketing across industries, I decided to alter direction. Now, I share my passion by helping other business professionals who want to feel more alive and drive innovation for their clients. My innovative business development process is designed to show you how to develop a transformational mindset that will help you innovate and advance your client’s business. 

Why C|D?

Personal business coaches are key—that’s why when it comes to client selection, I'm choosy. I prefer to work with clients who believe business transformation is possible for them and their customers. I want to give each client the time and guidance they deserve, providing a fresh perspective to imagine new possibilities.

Who's Driving Innovation, You or Clients?

Do you see your product or service as innovative or transformational? Do you understand your client's business and how your solution will transform their business and benefit their stakeholders? Discover the full potential of your offerings. Learn how to advance your client’s business with transformational solutions, not just information. Let's explore how to position your business development efforts to always add transformational value.

SPECIAL! Supplier Diversity Business Development Coaching

What if you could interview supplier diversity leaders from 30 major corporations to learn about their business challenges, opportunities, frustrations, and their best advice for partnering with them? Now you can. 

Benefit from insights and guidance acquired from producing two seasons of SupplierDiversity TV®  over the last two years. Benefit from a unique approach to supplier diversity business development that I'm passionate about sharing. 

Diverse business owners give your business development teams a competitive advantage. Receive insider information to improve your vantage point and your business development processes and strategies to win more business—the smart way.